Chantelle Costa

Front Office Manager

From Harry Potter to Pokemon, Chantelle enjoys all things pop culture.  Suggest a TV show to her and she’ll give it a shot.  She loves watching horror movies and when she’s bored at home she spends her time either playing PS4 video games or reading an awesome book.  Snoopy is her favorite cartoon character; she makes her entire family watch the Peanut’s holiday special every year; Easter and Arborday included!  Her spirit animal is a fox, no particular reason why she just loves the way they look!

Darra Dela Cruz

Administrative Assistant

Darra’s perfect world would involve karaoke wherever you went and absolutely NO TRAFFIC.  She has two slightly malevolent cats named Roscoe and Kaila who are only slightly overweight.  Her favorite thing to do when at the clinic is bossing Dr. Chang around and laughing at all of Chantelle’s hilarious stories.  By default her favorite football team is the Los Angeles Rams, they’re her dad's favorite.  The key to her happiness is coffee. If you don’t see a giant cup in front of her, it’s too early and proceed with caution.

June Rubie


You would think June was a ninja in another life, her ability to sneak in and out before anybody at notices her is an art.  She’s our precious accountant who has such an amazing attention to detail.  When she’s not at work she enjoys lunches and dinners with her sister at restaurants in or around Kahala Mall.  Her weakness is Italian dishes, she loves her pasta!

Michelle Suenishi

Hospital Administrator

From managing both animals to humans, Michelle can handle anything life throws at her.  Michelle is like a snow globe; sparkly on the inside, orderly on the outside, and likes to be left alone.  While growing up she used to coach paddling which gives her the skills to make sure everything at Aloha Animal runs smoothly.  When she's not at Aloha Animal, Michelle is a supporting Skate and Aerial Silks mom to her talented daughter, Stephany.

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