Dr. Chiara Zunino

Born and raised in Tuscany (Italy) on a big farm with all kinds of animals,

Dr. Zunino decided she wanted to travel the world...and get over her fear of blood!  She started veterinary school in Pisa (still in Italy) at the age of 27 and then ventured off to help out all animals of fur, feather, and scales. 

Dr. Zunino got her Veterinary degree in 2016, and then traveled a long way to Hawaii to learn how Americans practice veterinary medicine and enjoy life (even during winter time!).

Dr. Zunino is currently finishing the exams that will allow her to practice in the USA.  In the meantime, she's learning a lot about the job that she loves, with small and large animals. 

As said earlier, she loves to travel and the warm weather.  She also loves great food and wine, swimming, good books, and some video games.

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