Dr. Douglas K.Y. Chang, DVM: The "Alpha Dog"


Dr. Chang is the President of Aloha Animal Hospital Associates.  He started Aloha Animal Hospital Associates in 1986.  He splits his time among several responsibilities including caring for pets, training/managing the staff, and staying ahead of the rapidly changing field of veterinary science.


Dr. Chang obtained his Bachelor of Science degree from Washington State University and later got his Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine Degree at Colorado State University.  Before starting Aloha Animal, Dr. Chang has taken on major leadership roles throughout the community like being President of the Honolulu Veterinary Society, and State Representative of the American Veterinary Medical Association.  He's also been on the news and radio shows as a spokesperson for pet segments.

When he's not busy at Aloha Animal Hospital Associates, Dr. Chang takes working vacations where he volunteers his time to help build and restore hiking trails and community centers. He also visits the gym regularly to keep himself flexible and maintain his stamina for the rigors of the profession.


Dr. Chang isn't just a great vet, he's also a great community volunteer.  Here he is teaching kids what it's like to be a vet.