Michael Fink

Michael was born and raised in Walnut Creek, CA.  His passion for animals began with his childhood adventures in the creek that ran behind his house.  He especially loves wildlife and has worked hands on with monkeys, sloths, harbor seals, penguins, spiders, and deer.  Michael just graduated in May from UC Berkeley, earning a degree in biological chemistry.  He is spending a gap year here in Hawaii trying to decide if he wants to attend veterinary school in the future.

Mia Fong

 A beach girl at heart, when Mia’s not at work she is usually either sleeping or getting some sand, possibly both!  She has three pet dogs and a chinchilla.  Last year she ventured to Seattle University for her first year of college but found that it just wasn’t the same as home.  She is continuing her educational adventures at the University of Hawaii at Manoa and plans on majoring in Biology.